Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Day in Ghent!

With midterms approaching, it has been all studying around here.
I have wanted to get to this blog post over the past couple of weeks, but have not slowed down enough, so here it is! Sorry for the delays!
On Tuesday, February 11th, we took a train up to Ghent, Belgium which is about 25 minutes from Brussels.

I always like to get a picture of the official signs at the train stations, so if you're wondering why I always post those, that's why. :D
Anyway, we started off with a beautiful day in Ghent, walking from the train station toward the center of town - definitely should have taken the tram... 
We walked past some beautiful architecture and statues that have been in the area since the Middle Ages, which was pretty cool on our way to the newest museum in town, then STAM. 
In this museum, we saw some pretty cool things, which I will post a couple of pictures of below and it actually turned out to be one of my favorite museums that we have been to thus far. 
 Full scale model of the city of Ghent - really cool. Made out of cardboard and even highlights where we were in relation to the rest of the town along with the waterways in a different color.

The Ghent Altarpiece 

If you're interested in seeing the other pictures of Ghent I posted them on Facebook. I'm going to start posting individual albums for upcoming trips since the Hendrix in Brussels album has over 1000 pictures in it now. :)

This is "Gravensteen" or also known as "The Counts' Castle". Amazing structure and the "museum-like" attractions inside are breathtaking. They highlight everything from the weaponry, school, prison, dining hall, and even show many of the techniques of torture - waterboarding as one example. 

From the Counts' Castle - we went through the Graffiti Street and the rain began. From there we looked for the final few stops on our list so that we could get out of the rain as soon as we could. 

Our final stop of the day was at St. Niklaaskerk, one of the bigger cathedrals in Gent. I will just have a couple of pictures from this beautiful chapel. 

Thanks for keeping up with my blog everyone! 
Should have another post about Museum Night Fever in a couple of days, but with midterms and the arrival of my amazing Aunt Peggy and Cousin Jodi, it may be a little delayed. :D

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