Thursday, December 19, 2013

Three Weeks Until Liftoff!!!!

Hey guys!
Today marks three weeks until I board that plane to ahead across the Atlantic to Brussels!
I'm super excited that this past semester is over, (though it turned out REMARKABLY better than expected)!!
It's now time to turn the page and look at what is to come. 
I did receive great news - I got into my first choice of the one course that I get to select while over there. 
It's taught by a Dr. Luciano Morganti and it's called POLI 231: European Union Politics!
I am excited, but I decided to take a 200 level class (usually means for Sophomores) because of the difference in curriculum. (I have always heard that European courses are tougher than U.S. courses)
The courses I take while in Brussels will not affect my Hendrix GPA, but I will get four Hendrix credits while studying there. Three of these four credits will go for my major (WooHoo!). 
I am still waiting to hear on where I will be interning during the semester, but I will post again when I get that information!
Thanks to everyone for all of your words of support and encouragement. I am very nervous, but I cannot wait to experience this trip!
Please think about my family and I during this next semester, as we are all very excited about this opportunity, this will be the first extended period that I have ever been away from my mom and dad. It will be rough on all three of us!
Merry Christmas to each of you! 
Hope your holidays are AMAZING!
- Josh 

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